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Lifeway Mobility Blog

Safety Pole Systems: What is a SuperPole and how can it help you?

Posted by John Burfield on 3/8/18 2:36 PM

If you use a mobility device such as a walker or a cane to help you stand from a seated position, you probably know that this can be a tricky maneuver that often requires assistance from another person. It may also be a safety concern. Fortunately, there are a series of affordable safety pole systems that can assist with the sit-to-stand motion for those with limited mobility.

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Topics: Safety, safe patient handling, Independent Living, Accessibility Equipment, SPHM, Aging-In-Place, Bathroom Safety

Join Us For a Lunch & Learn Webinar

Posted by Paul Bergantino on 1/12/16 12:43 PM

Improving Outcome Measures through Safe Patient Handling and Mobility

Lifeway Mobility is hosting a FREE one-hour educational webinar that will provide valuable information regarding the improvement of organizational and health care quality outcomes as it relates to safe patient handling. Taught by Amber Perez, a licensed nurse, certified safe patient handling professional, and the SPHM Director of Clinical Services. You can listen during your lunch break!

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Topics: Mobility, Safety, safe patient handling, SPHM