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Lifeway Mobility Blog

How Can I Afford to Make My Home Accessible?

Posted by John Burfield on 10/25/18 4:45 PM

Many people are surprised to learn common home accessibility modifications such as stair lifts, ramps, and barrier-free showers are not usually covered by most standard health insurance policies or Medicare.

It stands to reason that equipment that makes living at home safer for people with limited mobility due to injury, illness, or aging would be covered by these funding sources. Unlike standard medical equipment such as a wheelchair or commode, accessibility equipment is typically installed and attached to the structure of the home, making it ineligible for insurance or Medicare coverage under current standards.
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Top 5 Home Modifications for Accessibility

Posted by John Burfield on 10/17/18 4:27 PM

As we age, tasks that we once took for granted such as climbing the stairs or taking a shower, can become a challenge. If you or a loved one are planning to Age-in-Place, there many home modifications or adaptations that can help make this a reality. 

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Lifeway Mobility Minneapolis Now Offering Tub Cut Modifications

Posted by John Burfield on 9/21/18 1:07 PM

Lifeway Mobility is happy to announce that Clean Cut bathtub modifications are now available to our customers in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

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Stair Lift Options - Customize Your Ride

Posted by John Burfield on 8/16/18 3:00 PM

If you have difficulty climbing your stairs, adding a stair lift is a great option to allow you to stay in your home. While all stairlifts perform the same function, they are not all created equal. A basic stair lift model will get you up and down a stairway safely, but for some, additional options are necessary to make a stair lift a complete solution to meet their mobility needs.

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Ramp or Stairlift: Which is Right for Me?

Posted by John Burfield on 8/10/18 3:44 PM

Wheelchair ramps are probably the gold standard of home access. They come in various materials, lengths, and configurations and can make homes accessible to those with all different types of limited mobility. From wheelchair users to those who just need a little extra help getting up the stairs, they can all benefit from an access ramp.

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