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Is Your School Accessible for Persons with a Physical Disability?

Posted by Paul Bergantino on 2/21/19 3:30 PM

If you have worked in or been to an elementary, middle, high school or even a university lately, you may have noticed that there are many diverse situations that need to be accommodated for: wheelchairs, walkers, space for physical and occupational therapy, barrier-free playground equipment, etc.  Many schools throughout the country are older and were not built with these accommodations in mind, and despite the Americans with Disabilities Act, some schools are not as compliant as they could be.  So, if you are an administrator looking to adapt your school’s environment or a parent wanting more access, read on for more tips on accessibility!

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Sugar Hill Building & Design Joins Lifeway Mobility

Posted by Paul Bergantino on 9/22/17 11:00 AM

Lifeway Mobility, a Connecticut-based accessibility solutions company, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Sugar Hill Building & Design, a specialized building company focused on designing and constructing home modifications for people with mobility limitations.

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Total Access of New England Joins Lifeway Mobility

Posted by Paul Bergantino on 7/11/17 11:47 AM

HARTFORD, CT, July 1, 2017 – Lifeway Mobility, a Connecticut-based accessibility solutions company, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Total Access of New England.

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Lifeway Mobility Opens a New Showroom with Operational Accessibility Solutions

Posted by Paul Bergantino on 5/15/17 12:24 PM

Lifeway is proud to announce the opening of its new showroom at 40 Weston Street, Suite A, Hartford, Connecticut. 

Conveniently located just off 84 and 91, the new showroom gives customers and clinicians a chance to see Lifeway’s mobility solutions in action. Fully operational samples on display include:

  • 2 varieties of straight stair lifts
  • A curved stair lift
  • A freestanding overbed transfer lift
  • A modular aluminum entrance ramp
  • A wheelchair (vertical platform) lift
  • A tub transfer system
  • A home elevator
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Choosing the Right Wheelchair Ramp

Posted by Paul Bergantino on 8/8/16 10:16 AM

At some point, you or a loved one may need to consider a wheelchair ramp to continue living independently. Whether you’re using a wheelchair, scooter, cane, or simply have trouble with stairs, a wheelchair ramp can be an easy solution. There are a variety of ramp options available, so it’s important to consider some of the major factors that can influence your decision.

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