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Is Your School Accessible for Persons with a Physical Disability?

Posted by Paul Bergantino on 1/26/17 4:55 PM

If you have worked in or been to an elementary, middle, high school or even a university lately, you may have noticed that there are many diverse situations that need to be accommodated for:  wheelchairs, walkers, space for physical and occupational therapy, barrier free playground equipment, etc.  Many schools throughout the country are older and were not built with these accommodations in mind, and despite the Americans with Disabilities Act, some schools are not as compliant as they could be.  So, if you are an administrator looking to adapt your school’s environment or a parent wanting more access, read on for more tips on accessibility!

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Choosing the Right Wheelchair Ramp

Posted by Paul Bergantino on 8/8/16 10:16 AM

At some point, you or a loved one may need to consider a wheelchair ramp to continue living independently. Whether you’re using a wheelchair, scooter, cane, or simply have trouble with stairs, a wheelchair ramp can be an easy solution. There are a variety of ramp options available, so it’s important to consider some of the major factors that can influence your decision.

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Lifeway Mobility & Freedom Lifts Join Forces, Will Provide Unmatched Offering in the Accessibility Industry

Posted by Paul Bergantino on 7/13/16 2:30 PM

July 7, 2016

WINDSOR LOCKS, CT – July 7, 2016 – Lifeway Mobility announced today that it has become the majority shareholder of Freedom Lifts, a Danielson, Connecticut-based provider of stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and elevators.


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How to Make a Bathroom Wheelchair Accessible

Posted by Chris Frombach on 6/24/16 10:09 AM

As a loved one ages, they may require a wheelchair in order to navigate around their home. Unfortunately, with the vast majority of elderly people living in older, more traditional homes as opposed to open floor plan designs, maneuverability with a wheelchair can be very difficult. This is especially true of bathrooms; small footprints, corners, vanities, large tubs, and other storage items make moving around the bathroom challenging. While moving a sink or toilet may not be a viable option, there are many bath safty solutions that can make this space more user-friendly and safe for an aging loved one using a wheelchair.

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Topics: Mobility, Safety, Independent Living, Accessibility Equipment, Aging-In-Place, Bathroom Safety, Universal Design

Top 7 Fall Prevention Tips

Posted by Chris Frombach on 4/11/16 2:00 PM

A slip or fall accident at home is much more likely for those with limited mobility or aging-in-place. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 700,000 people were hospitalized in 2013 due to falls in and around the home¹.

For seniors, 95% of hip fractures are related to a fall, and many of these fractures don’t heal the way they should and result in surgeries, nursing home stays, and long-term pain². In 2013 alone, patients and insurance companies paid over $34 billion in direct medical costs related to falls and subsequent treatment¹. Fortunately, there are some easy home safety steps and solutions you can take to minimize these risks and help elderly loved ones remain living in their home safely.

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Topics: Mobility, Safety, Independent Living, Accessibility Equipment, Aging-In-Place

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